About me

Hi, my name is Octavio Puente. I was born and raised in the north of Spain, in the region of León. I moved to Barcelona for 11 years where I obtained my master in Architecture in the University Politécnica de Cataluña UPC and a degree in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design in the University Pompeu Fabra (Escuela ELISAVA).


I have worked for diverse companies and offices although something didn´t quite fit. I spent a few robotic years working in front of a computer. I learned to reject a pre-established system as I felt it was based on the explotation of others: at the same time deciding to step away from the obsession with success and the desire for working just for working because I believe that is exploiting ones self.

On my return to León, I began to learn and work in the profession of carpentry and cabinet making. I collaborated on many projects ranging from furniture to doors, windows, stairs and roof structures.

For the past years now, my main objective has not been to earn money or have a "good job" instead I have focused on achieving the best on the projects. I work because I love what I do. This has led me to appreciate and look after my freedom more than ever. It´s surprising that so little has been written about earning a living: how to earn a living isn´t just something valuable but also appealing and glorious, in my opinion if "earning" a living   isn´t seen in this way, I believe it isn´t considered living.

I think that the relationship between an individual and their profession is essential. The responsibility and ethical attitude taken with respect to ones job is highly important. I believe in manual work, the understanding and the collaboration with the natural properties of materials.

I believe that achieving an understanding of a profession helps to see the small details and above all respect the special skill and experience of someone who has undertaken a project. In addition I suspect that learning intimately any skill teaches one humility. Arrogance does not coincide with true ability.

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